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Ms. Bidtah Becker

Ms. Becker has worked for the Navajo Nation since 2002. From 2002 to 2015, she worked in the Department of Justice as as an attorney across three different units: Human Services and Government, Water Rights, and Natural Resources. In May of 2015, she was appointed the position of Executive Director of the Division of Natural Resources. Ms. Becker has raised awareness about environmental issues and renewable energy. Home to some of the highest quality coal in the United States, the Navajo Nation’s economy has been based on coal extraction, much of it then burned at two coal fired power plants located on that Nation. In response to the Nation’s desire to diversity its economy and the quickly evolving energy market, Ms. Becker has spearheaded extensive efforts to develop a diversified approach to energy resources management and importantly to create renewable energy development zones on the Nation’s land. She also works with other organizations and companies outside the Navajo Nation government on issues such as resource management, land use planning, and environment development. Ms. Becker graduated from Georgetown University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in International Relations. She also holds a juris doctorate - with a certificate specializing in Federal Indian Law - from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2000.