Geography 2050

Dr. Diana Liverman

University of Arizona

Dr. Liverman is a Regents Professor of Geography and Development at University of Arizona and also associated with the Center for Latin American Studies and the Arid Lands program at UA. She is a Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy and Development at the School of Geography and Environment, and is a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University. She is also affiliated with the Environmental Change Institute and Linacre College at Oxford University. Over her career, she has taught at Oxford, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Dr. Liverman’s research interests are focused on the human dimensions of environmental change. Her publications and research deal with climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, climate change, and energy usage. In recent years, her team has conducted projects on households to examine vulnerability to extreme weather, including energy costs, food insecurity, and water access. She has also participated in several discussions about the adaptations on energy usage under different environmental impacts, and how the supply and demand has changed over the years. Dr. Liverman graduated from University College London with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. She also holds a Master’s degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Toronto in 1979. She has earned a PhD in Geography from University of California, Los Angeles in 1983.