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Ms. Elizabeth Monoian

Land Art Generator Initiative

Ms. Monoian is the founder and co-director of the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) with Robert Ferry. LAGI presents new energy infrastructures that are expressions of local culture and that strive to enhance the beauty of cities and landscapes. Land Art Generator artworks are renewable energy installations that are also placemaking tools, economic development drivers, and educational venues to inspire the public about the beauty of our post-carbon culture of stewardship. Through the Land Art Generator Initiative Ms. Monoian has published, exhibited, and presented globally on the aesthetics of renewable energy and the role of art in providing solutions to climate change. Her publications include The Time is Now: Public Art of the Sustainable City, New Energies, Powering Places, Energy Overlays, and A Field Guide to Renewable Energy. Ms. Monoian graduated from the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor’s degree in 1995 and holds an MFA in New Media Design and Art from Carnegie Mellon University (2000).