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Dr. Gregory Koeln

Radiant Solutions

Dr. Koeln (Greg) joined MDA Information Systems LLC (now Radiant Solutions, a Maxar Technologies company) in 1992 as their Chief Scientist, and is currently serving Radiant Solutions as their Technical Fellow, leading research and development.

Greg has developed various new remote sensing and geospatial processing tools, including a unique change detection methodology (U.S. patent No.: 5,719,949), which greatly reduces the cost of updating geospatial products. He also led the creation of an area frame sampling process that improves the accuracy of agricultural and forest inventories and is used for illicit crop inventories. Greg and Radiant Solutions’ staff provide geospatial products and services to various US Defense and Intelligence agencies, NOAA, USGS, NASA, USDA, US Forest Service, DHS, other agencies and corporations.

Earlier in his career Dr. Koeln was a Director for Ducks Unlimited and was an Assistant Professor for the University of Missouri-Columbia.