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Ms. Joanna D. Underwood

Energy Vision

Ms. Underwood has been the Founder and Chair of Energy Vision since 2007. In 1974, she founded another organization, INFORM, for expanded analysis of environmental business practices. She then stepped aside as a president of INFORM in 2006 to found a new organization, Energy Vision, focused entirely on the challenge of sustainable transportation. She has served on many Boards and Government Advisory Bodies, including a member of the Eco-efficiency Task Force of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development under the Clinton Administration (1994-5); a Director of the Rocky Mountain Institute (1994-2000); a Member of the Dow Chemical Company’s Environmental Advisory Council, (1991-2001); a Trustee of The Keystone Center (1996-2001), and a Board member of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (1980-1998). Ms. Underwood has been a leading figure in the U.S. environmental movement since the early 1970s. As the founder of two energy-related organizations, she is an advocate for clean and renewable energy. During her career in INFORM, she worked primarily on the issue of sustainability and alternative fuels, and published 9 alternative fuel-related studies, including two widely-publicized reports which were the first analyses on fuel options in the transportation sector. She also focused on developing renewable natural transportation fuels - ranging from electric cars, plug in hybrids, and fuel cells, to natural gas, biodiesel and hydrogen fuels. In 2015, she was honored with a lifetime achievement award from NGVAmerica for “outstanding leadership, vision and innovation” in advancing renewable natural gas. In addition, she has received other energy-related awards throughout her career, such as 2007 Energy Pioneer Award from The Center for Sustainable Energy at Bronx Community College, The Earth Times’ Selection as one of the 100 most influential voices in the sustainable development movement (1997), and National Energy Foundation Award for INFORM’s leadership in energy education (1977). Ms. Underwood graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a Bachelor’s degree in History in 1958.