Geography 2050

Mr. Kevin Seegmiller

Delta Environmental Sciences

Mr. Seegmiller is the Director of Program Management at Delta Environmental Sciences. His expertise lies in sustainability, environmental planning (NEPA), electric utility infrastructure siting and permitting, public involvement, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Over the years, he has designed and developed several innovative, web-based computer tools including web-mapping and public comment tools that improve decision-making on environmental planning and permitting projects and allow extreme efficiency and accountability with the management of NEPA, electric utility permitting, and construction inspection projects. His strengths include finding social, ecological, and technical systems that break through transition barriers towards sustainability. Mr. Seegmiller earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Economics, a M.S. is BioRegional Planning, both from Utah State University, and is currently working to complete a PhD in Energy Policy at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.