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Mr. Raffi Garabedian

First Solar, Inc.

Mr Garabedian has been the Chief Technology Officer of First Solar, Inc. since May 2012 and manages the company’s technological photovoltaic module, power plant system products, and roadmaps. He joined First Solar in June 2008 as a Director of disruptive technologies. Prior to First Solar, he spent over 15 years in the micro-electro-mechanical system industry, as he founded Touchdown Technologies, Inc. and Integrated Micromachines, Inc.. Mr. Garabedian holds 28 U.S. issued patents. In regards to renewable energy, Mr. Garabedian is an expert on solar power - specifically photovoltaic manufacture. As he played the role of the Chief Technology Officer in First Solar, he focuses on developing the potential of solar energy and raising the awareness of such clean energy. With a vision that clean energy is an essential part of the energy future, he works on improving energy efficiency and creating ways to reduce carbon footprints and lower water usage. He also participated in multiple energy conferences, such as the U.S. Department of Energy conference, and spoke about the future of energy and the strategies on how to adapt to the new emerging energy technologies. Mr. Garabedian graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1988, and holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on semiconductor and microsystems technology, from University of California, Davis in 1994.