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AGS and Teach OpenStreetMap (TeachOSM) conducted a Mapathon which was sponsored by Mapbox. The Mapathon was led by Dr. Nuala Cowan, Disaster Risk Management Consultant at The World Bank, Mr. Richard Hinton, Manager of the Spatial Analysis Lab at George Washington University, and Mr. Steven Johnson, Founder of TeachOSM. Participants worked in OpenStreetMap (OSM), the world’s open and freely editable mapping platform, to map unmapped places in the world. Participants had the chance to speak with Mr. Bryan Housel, Project Lead of OpenStreetMap iD Editor and software engineer at Mapbox. By the end of the Mapathon, participants mapped buildings and roads in Nogales, Arizona and Albany, Georgia, making their first contributions to the open mapping community and learning how to develop projects for students that relate to use in their curriculum.


Welcome and Introduction

Dr. John Konarski,
Dr. Marie Price,
Dr. Christopher Tucker

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The Energy Context

Dr. Amy Glasmeier,
Mr. John Hofmeister,
Mr. John Ming

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Energy Policies and Energy Futures

Dr. Lee Schwartz,
Mr. Oscar Ankunda,
Ms. Kristin Mayes,
Dr. Jatin Nathwani,
Dr. Sonia Yeh

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Keynote Session
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The Global Reach and Geographic Implications of China’s Energy Demand

Dr. Marie Price,
Mr. Gary Dirks,
Dr. Yushan Duan,
Mr. David Sandalow

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Lightning Presentations, Day 1

Dr. Sean Ahearn,
Mr. Anthony Bevacqua,
Ms. Mariana Cerca,
Mr. Ben Hoen,
Dr. Camelia Kantor,
Ms. Selene Lawrence,
Dr. Stanislav Martinat,
Ms. Elise Mazur,
Dr. Thomas Ptak,
Mr. Alexander Nagel,
Mr. Michael Terner,
Mr. Dean Wise,
Mr. Isaac Zaworski.

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Emerging Energy Technologies

Dr. Nuala Cowan,
Gen. Richard Devereaux,
Mr. Christofer Mowry,
Mr. Frank Prautzsch,
Dr. Kevan Weaver

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Geospatial Technologies and Energy

Dr. Jerome Dobson,
Mr. Rodney Buhrsmith,
Dr. Gregory Koeln,
Mr. Bill Meehan,
Dr. Kumar Navulur,
Mr. Geoff Zeiss

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Social Dimensions of Energy Access

Dr. Wesley Herche,
Ms. Bidtah Becker,
Mr. Peter Fiekowsky,
Mr. Robert Ferry,
Ms. Elizabeth Monoian

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Luncheon Keynote

Hon. Sheldon Whitehouse

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Environmental Consequences of Energy Supply and Demand

Dr. Wesley Reisser,
Dr. Robin Leichenko,
Dr. Diana Liverman,
Mr. Kevin Seegmiller,
Ms. Joanna D. Underwood

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AGS Honors and Awards Ceremony

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Energy Adaptation Strategies

Dr. Ellen Morris,
Dr. Marilyn Brown,
Dr. Vasilis Fthenakis,
Mr. Raffi Garabedian,
Ms. Susan Sloan

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A Prospectus for the Future

Dr. Martin Pasqualetti,
Dr. Marie Price,
Dr. Wes Reisser,
Dr. Christopher Tucker

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Lightning Presentations, Day 2

Mr. Jacob Bethem,
Dr. Bohumil Frantal,
Dr. Enrique Lanz Oca,
Mr. Eric Lyttek,
Ms. Molly Seltzer

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